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K210 in Action at RISC-V Summit


Santa Clara, California, November 30, 2018 – Canaan, Inc (Canaan) will demonstrate its new K210 chip doing machine learning tasks such as facial recognition at the inaugural RISC-V Summit at the Santa Clara Convention Center on December 4th and 5th. Come see us in booth 420. The K210 is an SoC with dual, 64-bit RISC-V cores, each with double precision FPUs and large caches. A neutral network processor and audio processing unit, designed by Canaan, perform machine learning tasks on a preloaded model without a connection to the cloud.The first annual Summit is a major international event promoting RISC-V, bringing together the community for a multi-track conference, tutorials, and exhibits, organized by the RISC-V Foundation, in partnership with Informa's Knowledge & Networking Division, KNect365. For more information, see about summit here and RISCV here......

7nm chip exclusive exposure Avalon mining machine remodeling pattern king return


On the evening of July 31, Canaan's Avalon mining machine was the first to launch a new 7nm mining machine, the Avalon A9 series, which shocked the entire industry. After only one day, we learned through internal channels that the first batch of 7nm chips produced by TSMC has been delivered. With the Avalon mining machine leading the industry to take the lead in the 7nm high ground, a major reshuffle of the mining industry or the development of this. The Avalon mining machine chip of 7nm process has adopted the 16nm process in the mainstream mining machine products on the market, and the computing power is within the level of 15TH/s. For example, the Avalon A851 is 14.5TH/s, and the ant mining machine S9i is 14TH/s. With the advancement of technology, the 7nm chip has small size, low power consumption and strong performance. ......

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Canaan appeared at the 22nd China International Software Expo, Minister of Industry and Information Technology Miao Wei, Beijing Mayor Chen Jining attended

On June 29th, the 22nd China International Software Expo was held in Beijing Exhibition Hall. Minister of Industry and Information Technology Miao Wei and Beijing Mayor Chen Jining attended the event. Canaan was invited as the representative of Zhejiang Excellent Enterprise. The theme of the Expo is "New Era, New Ideas and New Software", co-sponsored by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Beijing Municipal People's Government. Miao Wei and Chen Jining delivered speeches on behalf of the organizers at the first Global Software Industry Development Summit Forum.

2018 Global Chain Technology Development Conference was held in Beijing, and Zhang Nanxun was invited to share

On June 23, the 2018 Global Chain Technology Development Conference, co-organized by People's Venture Capital and 31 District, was held at the Beijing National Convention Center. The conference was based on the theme of “Exploration and Anchoring”. The future development direction of the blockchain, anchoring the future path planning of the blockchain. Relevant persons in charge of the three major blockchain departments of the National Network Information Office, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Central Bank were invited to attend, and the authority of the blockchain industry gathered together to open up the fog of the industry and understand the future of the chain. Mr. Ye Wei, President of People's Network, delivered a speech, and Zhang Nanyu, Chairman of Canaan, was invited to share the theme of “Breakthrough: Blockchain and Domestic ASIC”. Zhao Yahui, General Manager of People's Venture Capital, Xiao Xiang, Head of Strategic Research Department of China Internet Finance Association, Vice President of Internet Finance Standards Institute, Xiao Xiang, Director of Software Engineering and Evaluation Center of China Electronics Technology Standardization Institute, Zhou Ping, China Information and Communication Research He Baohong, director of the Institute of Cloud Computing and Big Data, Xi Hui, deputy director of the Institute of Financial Information Technology of the People's Bank of China, Li Maocai, general manager of blockchain technology of Tencent, Yang Jun, strategic director of Alibaba Cloud Research Center, Zhao Dong, founder of Dfund, etc. A number of industry big coffees brought a blockchain technology feast to the participants.

Canaan was selected as the leader of the "2018 Hurun Blockchain Enterprise List"

On June 9th, the 2018 Hurun Blockchain Enterprise Ranking Awards Ceremony was held in Shenzhen, China with the theme of “Reinventing the Blockchain Ecology”. Canaan was selected as the leader of the company and the general manager of the Blockchain Division. Shao Jianliang was invited to attend and shared the theme of “Investment Opportunities Behind the Rise of the New Circuit”. At the ceremony, Hurun Research Institute and Hip Hop Finance jointly released the "2018 Hurun Blockchain Awards 2018, in association with Xiha Finance". The list is divided into leading companies Top 20 (Hurun Blockchain) Leaders 2018), Innovative Enterprise Top 50 (Hurun Blockchain Innovators 2018) and investment agency Top 30 (Hurun Blockchain Investors 2018) three sub-lists. This is the first time Hurun Research Institute has released a list of relevant blockchain fields. Jia Nan Zhizhi stood out from more than 300 blockchain companies and entered the Hurun blockchain leader list. The listed companies in the blockchain industry have a wide range of visibility, greater influence and obvious market competitive advantages, while leading the development of technology research / application, marketing or operation mode in the blockchain field. And has a strong blockchain R&D team in the industry. As the world's leading high-performance ASIC design company and leading company in the blockchain field, Canaan released the world's first ASIC chip-based blockchain computing device in 2013, leading the industry into the AISC chip era. In 2016, it became one of the earliest companies to mass produce 16nm chips in China. In 2017, the artificial intelligence chip KPU was pre-released, and in 2018 it was rated as a Chinese unicorn enterprise. The selection of the leader of the Hurun blockchain enterprise rankings is not only an affirmation of Jianan’s past achievements, but also inspires Jianan’s future to continue to lead the industry and “reshape the blockchain ecology”.  

Canaan was selected as "China Unicorn Enterprise Value List", Kong Jianping was invited to attend the Mayor's Conference

On May 19th, the “2018 Global Unicorn Enterprise Summit Forum” hosted by People's Daily and Chengdu Municipal People's Government and jointly sponsored by China Internet Development Foundation and China Securities Investment Fund Association was held in Chengdu. Canaan was selected as the "China Unicorn Enterprise Value List", and the joint chairman Kong Jianping was invited to attend the mayor's meeting room. With the theme of “New Era, New Economy, and New Future”, the summit set up a main venue in Chengdu Tianfu New District and a parallel venue in Silicon Valley. Representatives of government departments, authoritative organizations and nearly one hundred domestic and foreign unicorn enterprises participated in the industry event. The "China Unicorn Enterprise Value List" was released on the spot, and Jia Nan was selected. The industry generally believes that unicorn companies are innovative companies with a valuation of more than 6.5 billion yuan and a relatively short start-up time. Zhao Yahui, general manager of People's Venture Capital, said that the release of the "China Unicorn Enterprise Value List" is based on this basic standard, including the finalists, expert evaluation and public opinion analysis, including investment value, technical potential, policy environment, Market prospects, public opinion and other dimensions. After becoming a Hangzhou unicorn enterprise, Jia Nan Zhizhi was selected into the Chinese unicorn enterprise value list, indicating that the government and the community have been paying more and more attention to the development of the blockchain, and it has more fully proved that Canaan Contributions made in the industry and global leadership and value.

Interview with the 3rd World Business Conference: Kong Jianping, Chairman of Jianan Yuzhi

On May 23rd, the third World Conference on Hangs will be held. This year marks the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up. The theme of this year's Hangzhou Business Conference is “The New Era, New Hangzhou Business, and New Brilliance”. It will have the most extensive influence, the most leading and the most contributing to Hangzhou's economic and social development and industrial investment promotion. Winners of “Faith Hunting Merchants”, “Outstanding Hangs Merchants” and “Golden Phoenix Hangshang” Awards were commended. The first line of finance and economics launched a special plan to focus on the candidate Hanghang of the current Hangzhou Business Conference. The recent exposure of Canaan, a Hangzhou company, is a bit high. The company’s main business blockchain and chips are recent hot spots. Together with last week, the company just submitted a prospectus to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. It is expected to become the first share of Bitcoin Mining Machine. According to the data, this company, which is already the world's second largest manufacturer of bitcoin mining machines, was founded five years ago and the leadership team is very young. On May 15, Jia Nan Zhizhi submitted a prospectus to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. The data shows that Canaan's total revenue in 2017 was 1.308 billion yuan, net profit was 361 million yuan, net profit rate was 27.6%, and its profitability was amazing. Known by the outside world, Jia Nan is a self-developed bitcoin mining tool, the Avalon mining machine. This is China's first bitcoin mining machine. Bitcoin mining machines, in general terms, are computers used to earn bitcoin. These computers generally have professional mining chips, and users can get the corresponding bitcoin through it. Our company is the core team and the first in the world. With the introduction of ASIC mining machines, we have experienced one or two industry cycles, and we have lived to today's market share. The world ranks second, with an occupancy rate of around 20%. The current main income of Canaan is from the mining machine sales, of which 95% of the sales revenue comes from the domestic market. In the next step, they will infiltrate the business into artificial intelligence, such as smart home, driverless and so on. At present, a KPU artificial intelligence chip is under continuous testing. Compared with other products of the same type, their chips are more about placing artificial intelligence operations locally, and the biggest advantage is that the data is Processing is more efficient and information is safer. For example, a coffee machine, now is program control, the future is to recognize your face, you know what flavor you like, how to use it, these scenes are often encountered by everyone, a better human experience. When Jia Nan was founded, he chose the headquarters in Hangzhou. Shaoxing’s Kong Jian was flat. As a Zhejiang native, he was undoubtedly the most affectionate to Hangzhou. The company's R&D department is set up in Beijing. Kong Jianping believes that compared with Beijing, Hangzhou is more tolerant to entrepreneurs, and the market environment and policy services are more humane. Hangzhou has always been a very good place for the environment. If you have a market, I think there is a lot of capital and talent pooling, so it is also a place suitable for the company's rapid development, but I think the most important thing is the Hangzhou government's service to the entire company market. I did very well. I saw that many departments (commitments) only ran a mile. In the process of the entire capital operation, the government has demonstrated a very efficient and pragmatic attitude in helping the company in the process of overseas architecture. Ascension, I think this may be the trait of Hangzhou unlike other cities. As a young entrepreneur, Kong Jianping's experience is not smooth sailing. He once made a product, based on a personal business card of a domestic social platform, was blocked by the platform because of excessive traffic, and finally, he decided to terminate the startup of this product. He has had this experience and has a very deep understanding of entrepreneurship. Don't think that a business will succeed once, and entrepreneurship is more about the embarrassment of something, not purely the pursuit of money. From the government level, to give entrepreneurs more tolerance environment, as long as the entrepreneur and his team can stay here, slowly, these projects fail for the first time, the second failure, maybe the people inside are slow Slow training will incubate other successful projects, which require the entrepreneurs themselves to have some continuous iterative capabilities, with the government's inclusive environment, and the entire socially inclusive environment.

Kong Jianping: We believe in AI & Blockchain can iterate human civilization

Distinguished leaders, distinguished guests, everyone good night, the year of artificial intelligence and blockchain in 2017, many artificial intelligence companies have gotten money, and many participants in the blockchain industry have also earned several small goals. I see a lot of them here. Canaan also launched a new generation of 16-nm blockchain computer - A8, also invested a lot of research and development strength to develop artificial intelligence chip KPU, is expected to enter the mass production stage in a few months. Under the prosperous times, we also saw speculation and speculation around the blockchain this year. Such a disruptive technological revolution and a change in production relations, such as the blockchain, will inevitably lead to a huge bubble, and only the wave and the bubble of the mountain and tsunami will be worthy of the blockchain, although some countries and regions There are some more radical or closed policies, just like the beginning of the birth of stock companies and stock exchanges 400 years ago. Under the bubble, we see that traditional industries and mainstream funds are running into the blockchain. Blockchain technology is considered to be the next generation of disruptive core technology and production relationship changes following steam engines, electricity, and the Internet. In the past 300 years, human beings have experienced the era of steam engine and industrial revolution; in the past 20 years, the arrival of the Internet and mobile Internet has revolutionized the traditional economy. Today, the combination of artificial intelligence and blockchain is the key to unlocking the digital economy era, which will bring about tremendous changes. In the future, artificial intelligence is productivity: the breakthrough of deep learning algorithms makes machines more capable than humans. The development of cloud computing and chips makes computing ubiquitous. The arrival of the Internet and IoT has produced massive amounts of data. The algorithm, computing power, and data trinity digitize the traditional physical world and ultimately realize the Internet of Things. Today, everyone hears that the hottest autopilot, smart home, industry 4.0, and smart medical care are the evolution of artificial intelligence to the real economy. The blockchain is also the production relationship of the digital economy. It provides a distributed collaborative idea to re-establish the relationship between production, distribution, exchange, and consumption of all players in the digital age. The blockchain perfectly connects the physical world and the virtual world, ultimately finding the best balance between fairness and efficiency, monopoly and disorder, and building a more perfect world. If the steam engine releases people's productivity and the Internet completely changes the way information is transmitted, then the blockchain will completely change the way human values ​​are transmitted. The blockchain is expected to lead humans from the contract society to the smart contract society, and the blockchain can perfectly connect the physical world and the virtual world. Artificial intelligence and blockchain, these two things together are no longer a matter of simple production and lifestyle changes, but the evolution of human civilization and the meaning of life. The digital life has driven the Internet in the past 20 years. The digital life drives the next generation of the Internet. We believe that "AI and blockchain can iterate human civilization"! Today, letting everyone's crazy digital currency is only the first attempt of the blockchain in the currency field, is the blockchain 1.0 era. In the future, the combination of artificial intelligence and blockchain will reconstruct various business fields, create a new digital economy, and finally iterate human civilization. I heard many people present that this is an exciting time. Sleeping is a waste of time, but I still hope that everyone can work and work together for 50 years in this social health. These two days have been in Hangzhou for 2018. The first snow, this year's snow is earlier than in previous years, I wish you a good harvest in the new year! Thank you for coming! thank you all! Remarks: The content comes from the organizer Kong Jianping at the Jia Nan Zhizhi ABCD Night and the 2018 New Year's Greetings. Kong Jianping: Chairman of Jianan Yuzhi Co., Chairman of Hengtong Cloud (838316), Founder of Artificial Triangle Lab of Yangtze River Delta, and Founder of China Blockchain Application Research Center.

“AI & BlockChain Iterative human civilization" - Avalon parent company Jia Nan Zhizhi ABCD night and 2018 welcome party grandly held

“AI & BlockChainIterative human civilization" - Avalon parent company Jia Nan Zhizhi ABCD night and 2018 welcome party, hosted by Avalon parent company Hangzhou Canaan Information Technology Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Hengtong Cloud Information Technology Co., Ltd. , Keda Group Co., Ltd., Gaosheng Holdings Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Weitu Information Technology Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Weidi Rabbit Information Technology Co., Ltd., ugChain, joint pool technology association, on January 25, 2018 in Hangzhou Intercontinental The hotel was grandly held. The attending of the annual meeting was the vice president of the Zhejiang Tsinghua Yangtze River Delta Research Institute, the president of the Hangzhou Branch, Shao Xiangrong, and the vice president of the Zhejiang Yangtze River Delta Research Institute Hangzhou Branch, Yin Haipeng, Li Xiaofeng, Zhang Jiehui, Zhang Zhongwei, the general director of the Internet Age. Shi Qiang, Hengtong Yun Xu Junhua, Keda Co., Ltd. CEO Yan Mingli, Gao Sheng Holdings Director Xu Lei, Yunyou Holdings Chairman Wang Dongfeng, ugchain founder Li Jun, Zhang Yang, Wei Di Rabbit Kingdom Standard and well-known investment institutions, etc. Zhejiang Tsinghua Shao Xiangrong, deputy dean of the Yangtze River Delta Research Institute and dean of the Hangzhou Branch, spoke highly of Avalon in his speech. The company's "Canaan" has achieved a series of achievements, as the star enterprise of the Institute and even Hangzhou City. It is currently the best representative of more than 110 enterprises cultivated by Hangzhou Branch, hoping to continue to lead the blockchain industry. Development will bring more economic benefits. The launch of the Yangtze River Delta blockchain venture camp hopes to drive more blockchain start-ups, train more blockchain talents, and return blockchain technology to its inherent value. To create a good environment for blockchain entrepreneurship. On behalf of Kong Jianping, the organizer expressed his heartfelt thanks to the leaders, investors and guests at home and abroad. He shared the achievements of the company in 2017 and explained the results. In 2018, the development ideas and directions. He said that in the past 300 years, human beings have experienced the era of steam engine and industrial revolution; in the past 20 years, the arrival of the Internet and mobile Internet has revolutionized the traditional economy. Today, artificial The combination of intelligence and blockchain is the key to unlocking the digital economy era, which will bring about tremendous changes. The Yangtze River Delta Blockchain Venture Camp Camp ceremony Hangzhou Qi Nan Zhizhi Information Technology Co., Ltd. Director Sun Qifeng and The Origin Capital Ltd (CPEC) founder Cheng Hao signed a 10 billion strategic cooperation Gaosheng Holdings Co., Ltd. (000971), Inner Mongolia Guyang County, Xinjiang Tianshan Power Co., Ltd. The company and the "Yangtze River Delta Cloud Computing Application Research Center" signed a strategic cooperation agreement. Keda Block Chain Research Institute unveiled the ceremony blockchain industry alliance launch and blockchain industry fund release Canaan Avalon brand 2017 ten Big customer Canaan 2017 Outstanding Employee Award Canaan 2017 Outstanding Contribution Award for the birthday of the colleagues to spend their birthday together, sharing the sweet Avalon parent company Canaan ABCD Night and 2018 Welcome Party The summary of the past is a vision for the future, and it is also the place where the Yangtze River Delta blockchain venture camp is opened. Here, Jia Nan Zhizhi and TheOrigin Capital Ltd (CPEC) signed a 10 billion strategic cooperation, the Yangtze River Delta Artificial Intelligence Cloud Computing Application Research Center "Tiandian Cloud Computing Base" and "Artificial Intelligence Cloud Computing Center (Guyang) Base" Signing strategic cooperation, the Keda Blockchain Research Institute was unveiled, the blockchain industry alliance was launched, and the blockchain industry fund was released. Excellent awards: Avalon's “Top Ten Customers of 2017”, Canaan Outstanding Employee Award, Outstanding Contribution Award; Lucky and happy.